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Abide by the motto “first do no harm” by ethically providing nutrition for the skin, free of harmful synthetic chemical ingredients to slow down the aging process.

Be a leader in education in the beautyceutical industry by maintaining standards that someday all skin and body products will aspire to achieve.

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C and the moon CDS WEST 2019.001.jpeg

C & the moon

C & The Moon is an environmentally conscious skincare line founded by actress and birth doula Carson Meyer, who was born and raised by the sea in Malibu.
Passionate about sustainability and health, Carson started making body scrub out of organic ingredients in her kitchen. She developed a formula that nourished her sensitive skin and steers clear of the many harmful chemicals in everyday skincare products. Growing up with an environmentalist mother, Carson has always been aware of the harmful toxins that can be absorbed through our skin. However, it wasn't until becoming a doula that she got to see first hand just how much information the skin - our largest organ, takes in from the environment around us.
C & The Moon is based on the belief that the way we care for ourselves has a direct impact on the way we care for the planet.
Our products are always made without parabens, phthalates, dyes, heavy metals, SLS, SLES and synthetic fragrances.

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PLUS CBD OIL CDS EAST 2019.001.jpeg

CV Sciences

CV Sciences, Inc. is in the business of developing, producing, marketing and selling raw materials and end-consumer products containing the hemp plant extract, cannabidiol (CBD). We primarily focus on developing consumer products under our own PlusCBD Oil™ brand, and sell to numerous markets including the nutraceutical, beauty care, and functional food sectors. We are committed to pioneering the emerging global trend to re-energize the production of agricultural hemp as the world’s leading producer of quality full spectrum hemp extracts.

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Lone star botanicals

Lone Star Botanicals is a Texas-based business with global connections. We ethically source the finest herbs/spices from Organic farms all over the world. We value the relationships that we have developed along the way. Our products showcase the medicinal properties of our herbs so that you may experience the amazing health-boosting benefits of their healing qualities. We’re passionate about natural health and healing, and it is our mission to inspire others to live a more holistic lifestyle through the power of plants!

We manufacturer our herbs and spices in individual size bags as well bulk, while sourcing the finest Bentonite Clay and Coconut Charcoal available. In conjunction we have our own line of Herbal Teas, Healing Salves and Skin care line that offers different ways to give our bodies extra TLC. Lone Star Botanicals also proudly specializes in Private Label opportunities.

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Owl CDS WEST 2019.001.jpeg

owl venice

One Whole Life (OWL) is a health and wellness brand located in Venice, California. We currently offer chicken, turkey, beef and vegan mineral elixirs along with 4, 6 and 8 day cleanses. Our broth elixirs are hand-crafted in small batches, using high quality grass-fed, organic bones and organic herbs and vegetables, all sourced weekly from local farmers markets. The OWL cleanse program is inspired by Ayurveda and Chronobiology and designed to heal the gut. The program consists of three broths and three nutrient dense hemp mylkshakes. The cleanse experience is nourishing rather than depleting, and acts as an effective reset or as the kickstart to an elimination diet.

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Quicksilver Scientific CDS East 2019.001.jpeg

QUICKsilver scientific

We combine nature’s nutrients with the power of science to deliver the most effective supplements and detoxification protocols on the market.