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AMG Naturally.jpg

amg naturally

AMG Naturally abides by the motto “first do no harm” by ethically providing nutrition for the skin, free of harmful synthetic chemical ingredients to slow down the aging process. 

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Ancient inGRAINed Snack Co

Ancient inGRAINed Snack Co has done it – they've taken the hottest snacking trends and upgraded them with the delicious and nutritious power of ancient grains. Ancient inGRAINed Snack Co believes there never needs to be a compromise between taste, health, sustainability and, of course, fun!

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Awakened Alchemy.jpg

awakened alchemy 

Awakened Alchemy creates premium nootropic, brain boosting, mind enhancing supplements to inspire realization of potential, peak performance and self-actualization.

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Beauteers is a New York City based company that specializes in K-Beauty skincare & cosmetic products, focusing on high performance products that are not widely available in the United States. Originally established in October 2003 as an importer and distributor of FDA related products in North & South America, they have since been reorganized and renamed to Beauteers. Now, they also run an e-commerce site called Cupidrop, where they make shopping for K-Beauty easy and fun.

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bEekman 1802

Two NYC guys who bought a farm and are sharing their experiment in living better lives, season by season, neighbor by neighbor. Beekman 1802 has proven that a farm can be much bigger than its fences. The farm might just be one place on a map, but they count as their neighbors folks from all around the world.

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Beridan Naturals is a botanical apothecary that was founded on an intense passion for the simplistic and the concrete belief that nothing is more inspiring or therapeutic than the ancient beauty and depth of the natural world. 

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Popped Water Lily Seeds, have been consumed in India for thousands of years and come from a place of natural and spiritual goodness.That’s why we've reinvented this delicious ancient snack to fuel our unique selves with nothing but protein packed, plant-based love.

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BOU Bouillon.jpg


BOU is a small team of committed foodies on a mission to create all natural cubes that never compromise on convenience or flavor.

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brigade kitchen.jpeg

brigade kitchen 

Brigade Kitchen is not your parents cookware. Their durable cookware is 5-Ply, made from the highest quality stainless steel. This means they're induction safe, oven safe, and yes, dishwasher safe - because you have enough to do.

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brooklyn botany 

Brooklyn Botany provide scientifically better, mother nature approved skincare with an affordable price tag.

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Speakers, Exhibitors.075.jpeg

Cane + Austin

CANE + AUSTIN began in the upper east side office of board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist, Dr. Craig Austin. After successfully treating countless patients with glycolic acid—the transformative, yet gentle skin care ingredient found in many of his in-office chemical peels—Dr. Austin set out to bring the professional-grade results of glycolic acid peels into his patient’s homes without the professional price tag.

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Cannuka is the unique combination of cannabis and Manuka honey. CBD (derived from hemp), is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that protect the skin. Manuka honey originates from the Manuka bush in New Zealand, which is part of the Tea Tree family. Manuka honey is world renowned for its vast healing properties. Cannuka’s two natural ingredients connect nature and science to bring together beauty and health.

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Cle Cosmetics.jpg

cLE cosmetics

Guided by the belief that there’s truth in imperfection and freedom in fluidity, CLE Cosmetics is a minimalist lifestyle brand designed to support the contemporary woman with self-care basics as she pursues the fullest expression of her personal power and sensuality.

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Cocokitty Beauty is for the conscious-minded, on-the-go millennial who wants to join the natural revolution without sacrificing quality or convenience. Cocokitty offers all-natural, multi-purpose products designed to make your skin (and soul) feel squeaky clean.

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Cold brew lab

The perfect cold brewed cup of coffee - at home. We source, roast, & blend our beans for optimal cold (slow) brew extraction – creating a well-rounded, smooth, low acidic, full bodied flavor.

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Speakers, Exhibitors.002.jpeg

Creation nation

Creation Nation brings a real, fresh spin on traditional bars & bites with the world's first Protein & Energy Bar Mixes. Make delicious bars & bites at home in minutes that are no-bake & easy as a protein shake!

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Curasalve is an organic skincare company that helps caregivers soothe, treat and prevent diaper rash. Their custom formulation is developed to protect fragile skin from harsh irritants in the diaper while eradicating the underlying rash.

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Double Dare.jpg

double dare

Double Dare is synonymous with adventure, wanderlust and first-time experiences. We think the journey is just as important as the final destination. And just like you, we get giddy about trying new things and pushing the boundaries of beauty and skincare. All of our products were designed to nourish an adventurous spirit, and fuel a passion for discovery and innovation. Dare to discover a new way to think about looking and feeling beautiful with Double Dare.

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down to earth

Down To Earth is a health-focused beverage brand that is on a mission to celebrate the healing powers of the Earth in its most natural state. Their beverages stem from the Earth, rooted in organic and wild-crafted ingredients that nourish, sustain and heal our bodies. Nowadays, the nutrient-rich often gets lost among the overly-processed, the chemically-altered and the preservative-heavy. This inspired them to create a product that can bring anyone back DOWN TO EARTH because they believe that is where we are at our best.

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Elmhurst Milked

Elmhurst 1925 uses unmatched innovation to create simpler, more nutritious and delicious plant-based beverages. Recently Elmhurst has made a major shift to lead the plant-based revolution.

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Flow Alkaline Spring Water

Flow Alkaline Spring Water comes from their family-owned, artesian spring located in Bruce County, Ontario. When analysis of the water showed that the limestone encased aquifer produced a naturally, high-quality water containing essential minerals and electrolytes, they knew they had a special product. Flow is 100% naturally alkaline and comes in an eco-friendly pack.

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Georgia Grinders

Georgia Grinders strives to create extraordinary nut butters from simple, all natural ingredients. After all, it is their belief that every culinary experience be savored and define the taste of health. Sourcing the highest quality, natural and inherently Non-GMO ingredients, Georgia Grinders Premium Nut Butters are handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality, freshness and flavor in a facility that they own and operate in Atlanta, Georgia. With no added sugars or oils, it is OK to grab a spoon and dig in!

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Glotrition is drinkable skin care that nourishes your skin from within. When it comes to healthy, glowing skin, what you put INSIDE your body matters. Well chosen nutrients and antioxidants can help to nourish your skin on a cellular level.

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Health-Ade Kombucha was founded in 2012 by Daina Trout, her husband Justin, and best friend Vanessa Dew, with a tiny credit card and a big dream: to brew the best tasting and highest quality kombucha you can buy. They stop at nothing to make real food and real kombucha, like ferment 100% in glass to prevent plastic and metal leaching, produce in super-small 2.5 gallon batches for premium quality, and flavor only with the highest quality ingredients possible, like raw cold-pressed juice from organic produce. 

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hello products

hello® is on a mission to make the world a friendlier place, starting with your mouth. We’re a new kind of naturally friendly™ oral care, created by a small, independent crew, using thoughtful, effective ingredients so delicious you’ll rush to brush.

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Mighty Patch.jpg

hero cosmetics

Hero Cosmetics launched Mighty Patch in the summer of 2017 as a new kind of solution for the age old problem of pimples. Their broader vision for Hero Cosmetics is to create gentler acne-fighting tools. Their approach is simple — be mindful of the ingredients they use and avoid no-no ingredients like parabens, alcohol and sulfates to ensure you have the best products to have the best skin.

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Speakers, Exhibitors.077.jpeg


IVitamin is an IV vitamin hydration lounge. They provide customized and concentrated IV drips and booster shots by licensed professionals that replace key nutrients and vitamins that your body naturally depletes each day. You only live once so to maximize all that life has to offer IV therapy can help you feel better and live fully.

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Created by experts in aesthetics, dermatology and plastic surgery.
They are highly committed to the standard of their scientific research and only use carefully selected materials from various countries in Asia and Europe to develop the best skin care solutions.

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Knours. is an innovative brand that addresses the causal link between a woman's cycle & her skin. Knours. was created with top dermatologists, beauty creators, herbalists and tech experts, to provide personalized skincare solutions with a complete, clean beauty regimen of products. Plus, Knours. harnesses app technology to teach and show you how to best utilize it all. Knours.' goal is to live beauty every day, by knowing your skin. Period.

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Le Prunier.jpg

le prunier

In September 2016, siblings Jacqueline, Allison and Elaine Taylor co-founded Le Prunier, an innovative and organic beauty line based on the Power of Plum. Today, the sisters carry on their 100-year-old family farm's legacy with a 4th generation perspective - tradition meets innovation.

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lesser evil 

 At LesserEvil, they believe ingredients mean everything. They want to make our world less evil by creating deeper connections with people, the planet and real, organic food.

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 Lifeway Foods, Inc. (LWAY), has been recognized as one of Forbes’ Best Small Companies, is America’s
leading supplier of the probiotic, fermented beverage known as kefir. In addition to its line of drinkable kefir, the company also produces cupped kefir and cheese, frozen kefir, specialty cheeses, probiotic  supplements and a ProBugs line for kids. Lifeway’s tart and tangy cultured dairy and non-dairy products are now sold across North America, Ireland and the United Kingdom. 

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lion tea.001.jpeg

lion tea

 LION takes advantage of the whole dandelion plant because each part of the plant has its own unique functionality and when combined, make the ultimate homegrown super plant tea.

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LivOn Labs.001.jpeg

livon Labs 

LivOn Laboratories is the industry leader in Liposomal supplements - formulating high-performance dietary supplements utilizing Liposomal Encapsulation Technology since 2004. LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C, the first single-dose Liposomal Vitamin C gel, is now available in over 60 countries.

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Maggie louise

Maggie Louise Confections is an Austin-based creative confections company focused on unique handcrafted chocolate experiences and catering to every giftable moment. Maggie Louise Confections has reimagined how premium chocolate can be enjoyed by mixing impactful design, delicious nostalgic flavors and customization tools.

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Majka is on a mission to empower new moms to prioritize their health and well being so they can better take care of the ones they love. Majka provides Wholesome, safe, and effective nutrition and lactation support products. Formulated by expert nutritionists. We are #fuelingmotherhood the Majka way!

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Speakers, Exhibitors.004.jpeg


MALK Organics nut milks are dairy-, soy-, gluten-, GMO- and lactose-free and vegan friendly. No carrageenan. No binders. No colors or sweeteners Mother Nature wouldn’t recognize. Made with six ingredients or less, and more than one cup of sprouted organic nuts in every bottle, Cold-pressed with the latest technology to retain all the nutrients without losing any of the flavor. Get real with MALK Organics. The delicious alternative to artificial.

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Meg Cosmetics.001.jpeg

meg cosmetics

Meg Cosmetics is a cosmetic group defining what it means to "Beautify Yourself".

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mer-sea & co.

Mer-Sea was founded when two friends, Melanie Bolin and Lina Dickinson, connected by their children and inspired by the sea, heard the call of the ocean, even in Kansas.  Knowing their love of the beach, they set about to capture the essence of peace, tranquility, and happiness through scent, color and texture. They wanted to bottle a feeling and transport people with their product—and bring that feeling back to the children that initially united them, share with their friends, and now, with the world. Always by the sea.

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morning recovery.001.jpeg

morning recovery

Thanks to science, you now have more options than just going big or going home. Morning Recovery's flagship product, a peach flavored beverage developed hand-in-hand with USC’s leading researchers, mitigates the damage and after-effects that come with drinking alcohol - and this is no gimmick. After raising $250k on Indiegogo, they've hit over $5M+ since launching 9 months ago and recently closed an $8M Series A round this April. Their newest breakthrough is engineered to help you do more tomorrow without sacrificing tonight.

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muddy body.jpeg

muddy body

Muddy Body is a revolutionary, fresh, beauty brand. Their products are carefully curated to revamp your beauty routine by eliminating the harmful chemicals found in everyday products. Each Muddy product serves a purpose in revitalizing, nourishing, and treating your skin and hair.

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Speakers, Exhibitors.062_preview.jpg

Muskaan Makeup

Muskaan Makeup's lipstick is more than just a pretty shade—it’s a way to show your true colors. Look good and do good with Muskaan. Portions of their proceeds go towards funding a rotating lineup of local and global charity partners. Not only will your lips benefit, but more importantly, the people around you will. They believe giving back is truly the most beautiful thing. 

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Speakers, Exhibitors.056_preview.jpg


Using the most health-boosting plants in the world, they promise all Navitas Organics superfoods are organic, nutrient-dense and handled with care at every step. Made from the most potent part of the plants, they are carefully handled to bring you the purest and most effective benefits of these centuries-old heritage foods, in ways that make them easy to incorporate into your every day. 

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NEOSTRATA® is defined as a combination of “new” and “layers”—they believe visible results come from renewing layers of the skin. Their approach is two-fold: skin resurfacing through exfoliation and rejuvenation, for optimal skin care performance. Their scientifically advanced, clinically proven formulas are doctor recommended
to visibly resurface, restore and refine skin.

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No. 3 clive road.jpeg

No. 3 Clive Road

No. 3 Clive Road is a luxury Indian brand specialising in hand blended tea traditions from India and bespoke locally produced accessories.

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In 2011, Nuchas opened its first retail location in the heart of NYC, Times Square, but it wasn't until they released their first food truck in 2012, when people started to notice who they were. They quickly built a reputation among the NYC street food scene, with their food truck and two pushcarts that could be found all over NYC. In 2013, Nuchas won Rookie of the Year Vendy Award and in the same year, opened their second retail location in Greeley Square. In 2014, they won the People's Taste Vendy Award and it's been fast-growing ever since.

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Organic Gemini

Organic Gemini’s TigerNuts are rich in prebiotic fiber, iron, potassium, and other essential nutrients to help improve gut health & well-being.

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Speakers, Exhibitors.002.jpeg


At Peloton, they steep only the freshest selection of Ethiopian beans in cold water for 24 hours. This is followed by a three-step filtration process. This technique results in an extremely smooth, low acidic, highly caffeinated brew. 

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 Patchology was formed around the idea that truly effective delivery of great skincare ingredients, on your terms, is a game changer. Today, they're continuing to expand that expertise in ingredient delivery to create products that do more, work faster, and deliver better results.

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Prose is the first fresh and custom hair care brand that uses AI to develop hyper-tailored, professional hair care formulations. Whether clients collaborate with their own professional stylists or go directly to, they benefit from hair care specialists and algorithm-driven formulations to create personalized hair care. Prose accesses hair needs, lifestyle habits and geographic location to ensure that ingredients are bottled to effectively treat + nourish hair for long-term health.

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Red duckfoods

Red Duck Foods is an organic sauce and condiment company based in Portland, Oregon. Launched as a class project in 2013, the idea came when the founders saw a disconnect between thoughtful produce and protein offerings in grocery stores and restaurants, with condiment offerings lacking the same transparency. Now a Certified B Corp®, Red Duck has 11 products.

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Revival Body Care is a line of ALL NATURAL Skin, Lip and Hair Care created using only finest quality Organic, Fair Trade, 100% Vegan Ingredients. Revival is committed to using ingredients that are sustainable, ethically sourced, fair-trade, cruelty-free and organic. 

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right start foods

Right Start Breakfast Foods has an extensive portfolio of successful breakfast food products. From 100% wholegrain rich options to individually wrapped items for healthy meals on the go, we provide everything you have been looking for in one place. We only use premium ingredients and innovative production techniques to produce unique and delicious products that your customers, patients, and students will enjoy eating. We always serve a “fresh from the griddle” taste, while providing quality, consistency, and ease in preparation.

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Rodial is a results driven skincare and makeup brand founded by Maria Hatzistefanis, which uses cutting edge technology for optimum results.

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Speakers, Exhibitors.049.jpeg


In a world where food’s validity is based on the latest fad, RXBar strives to bring everyone back to their roots. Their products stem from a passion and tenderness that was cultivated in their own Mothers’ kitchens. For them, those memories satiated them long after the food was gone, and they want to pass that along to you. At Yo Mama's Foods, RXBar invites everyone to join them around Mama’s table. All are welcome, so dig in.

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Safforia is a new ready-to-drink functional beverage company that incorporates saffron, and its many health benefits, into three delicious flavors: pomegranate, passionfruit and lemonade.

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Speakers, Exhibitors.048.jpeg


 Saje Natural Wellness connects people with the healing power of plants. Saje’s 100% natural essential oil blends, body care, and home environment products are sustainably sourced from nature’s most beneficial plants. Since 1992, Saje has passionately helped people navigate common health challenges and supported their wellbeing with products free of parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic colors, fragrances or additives.

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The Seaweed bath co.

 The Seaweed Bath Co. is devoted to transforming the skin and hair care ritual by providing nutrient-rich, personal care formulas that harness the powerful benefits of seaweed. The Seaweed Bath Co. sustainably hand-harvests certified organic seaweed off the coast of Maine, which is used in its formulas to naturally detoxify, replenish, and protect your skin and hair.

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seed phytonutrients

To protect seeds from over-commercialization, Seed Phytonutrients partnered with independent American organic farmers to harness the power of local seed varieties to create elevated natural products that make us look and feel good. They believe that natural beauty is synonymous with healthy living; how you feel, and what you choose to put into and on your body, are more important than the way you look.

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silk therapeutics

Silk Therapeutics Inc. is a biotechnology company dedicated to improving health using pure silk protein to treat and enhance the body's largest organ, the skin. Silk Therapeutics is committed to transforming the beauty and apparel industries to become cleaner, safer and more sustainable.

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Multi-award winning Swedish Simris® delivers superior, 100% plant-based and planet-friendly algae nutritional supergoodies, suitable for lifestyles of health, strength, beauty and wellness.

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Speakers, Exhibitors.002.jpeg

Skineez skincarewear

Multi-award winning Swedish Simris® delivers superior, 100% plant-based and planet-friendly algae nutritional supergoodies, suitable for lifestyles of health, strength, beauty and wellness.

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Speakers, Exhibitors.059_preview.jpg


Skinvolve is a unisex skincare brand founded by three sisters, Christine, Lena and Andrea who set out to create products that energize and promote skin immunity. They combine powerhouse ingredients like caffeine and super-antioxidants to reveal healthy and toned skin.

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Snow Fox.jpg

snow fox

 An all natural, minimalist, 100% plant based line formulated especially for those with hypersensitive skin - Snow Fox has been featured in Elle, Harper's Bazaar & more, for its gentle but impressive potency. Voted top 10 "green" beauty brands of 2017 by Marie Claire, the brand continues to promote ethical consumerism in skincare.

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Soom Foods is sesame. Enjoy delicious, nutritious and silky smooth sesame spreads in sweet & savory recipes.

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Speakers, Exhibitors.057_preview.jpg


 Spindrift is America's first sparkling water made with real, squeezed fruit. Yup, that's it!

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stamba daily.jpeg


 STAMBA is a trusted superfood supplement brand that sells intelligent, organic blends of the world’s most potent and nutritive foods for optimal well-being. Distinguished by our elegant, sustainable packaging, superior quality, and convenient encapsulated formulas, we are on a mission to become the top global wellness brand in the beauty space.

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stubble + 'stache

At stubble + 'stache our purpose is two-fold. First, we aim to make the best skincare and beard care products the world has ever known. Second, we provide much-needed financial support to pioneering nonprofits that are working tirelessly to help our wounded heroes. Currently we support the Marine Raider Foundation. 

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Superface is a make up brand created by 2 award-winning TV commercial directors from Hong Kong and Korea. The products are based on the extensive filming & lighting techniques from filming many celebrities.

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SWEET BELLA.001.jpeg


Exclusive US distributor of European and Japanese brands, including Laboratory Perfumes, TangentGC, Kerzon and Savonneries Bruxelloises.

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Speakers, Exhibitors.076.jpeg

third oak

Truly cruelty free, Third Oak shoes are responsibly made in America from an innovative, vegan bio-based material derived from soy. This recyclable material enables the team to operate a closed-loop recycling process that will leave the environment safe for future generations.

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Speakers, Exhibitors.058_preview.jpg


TONIC specializes in unique, handcrafted hemp CBD blends. They use adaptogens, herbs and superfoods to enhance the effects of CBD, creating the ultimate way to restore your body's essential balance & #FixYourVibe.

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Speakers, Exhibitors.061_preview.jpg

Tonic Products

Tonic Products was born of their enthusiasm for natural, holistic health and wellness. They've created responsibly sourced goods to help you achieve mindfully balanced wellbeing.

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Founded in Orange County, CA in 2012, Tosi is a science-based, lifestyle-driven Wellness System, made up of nutrient-dense snacks and supplements that are the result of 19 years of research, development and experience in creating consumer-centric products that meet the growing demand. Tosi’s products are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, ultra-low glycemic ... and they taste great.

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Speakers, Exhibitors.001.jpeg


Tushy is a fast-growing consumer brand that is radically changing how people think of and use the toilet. Our brand speaks to the modern consumer who wants to change the status quo, break taboos, and make purchases that matter. Tushy launched in early 2016 with a modern bidet attachment that easily hooks up to any standard toilet and turns it into a precise shower for your nether regions. Bustle calls it “the best favor you can do for your bottom” (and medical experts agree), Metro says it “could change the way we poo forever”, Forbes calls it "the Apple product of bidets" and AV Club says "There's no going back." Our customers call it their “favorite purchase ever.”

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A fun and high-energy, group fitness studio, TruFusion SOHO will open in August 2018. Classes include heated and non-heated, featuring yoga, barre, pilates, bootcamp, trx, boxing, battleropes, and cycle.

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Speakers, Exhibitors.060_preview.jpg


Unit Nutrition is a sports nutrition brand working closely with the scientific community to adapt cutting-edge research into revolutionary, athlete friendly products.

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Uplift Food

Uplift Food is the world's first dietitian created functional food brand focused exclusively on the mood supportive benefits of gut healthy PRE-biotics! Our first signature powder, the "Daily Uplifter" is an organic plant-based allergen free booster that naturally supports good gut health through speciality whole-food ingredients.

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Voesh new york

VOESH New York was established with 2 words in mind. "Clean & Hygienic". They are the creator of single-use spa and facial simplified.

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wandering bear

Wandering Bear Coffee brings fresh, uniquely bold, smooth cold brew to homes and offices.

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Speakers, Exhibitors.001.jpeg

well within

Well Within is a digital content and ecommerce brand that offers a holistic, plant-based approach to beauty wellness, inclusive of nutrition and lifestyle. It is also the showcase for their luxe 100% natural, vegan, organic non-toxic skincare collection - PLANTED IN BEAUTY.

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Mobile phones & connected devices play a major role in our lives. There is nothing we touch as often as our smartphones, so everything on our hands ends up on our phones. When WHOOSH! learned that our phones are 10x dirtier than a public toilet seat, they knew they could not only make things significantly better but there was an opportunity to lead a new category of clean. WHOOSH! is defining how we clean, sanitize & protect our ever growing world of screens and connected devices.

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wordscount, mer-sea, cupidrop.001.jpeg


Wordscount is a brand inspired by acts of kindness and with a purpose: spread kindness, positivity, happiness & inspire others

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Speakers, Exhibitors.001.jpeg


Dessert with Benefits: Low-calorie, high-protein desserts. A delicious, healthy ice cream alternative made with hormone-free milk and quality ingredients. 

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West exhibitors.005.jpeg


ZSS is an integrated skin care line with dietary supplements and topical products formulated to address the root cause of many skin care concerns. Based on the proprietary antioxidant, zeaxanthin, ZSS' products create healthy, radiant, clear skin from the inside out.

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8 faces

Inspired by self-care rituals from across the globe, 8 Faces introduces nourishing ingredients for modern life.
A luxurious certified organic skincare brand, 8 Faces believes beauty begins with the decision to be good to yourself.

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