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Amg Naturally

Abide by the motto “first do no harm” by ethically providing nutrition for the skin, free of harmful synthetic chemical ingredients to slow down the aging process.

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Avo is all about rewarding you for doing good. Their debit card and mobile app help you discover and get rewarded for spending at social impact and wellness brands.

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Beridan naturals

Beridan Naturals is an independent Botanical Apothecary that uses only 100% natural and organic ingredients to handcraft products inspired by the ancient beauty and depth of the natural world. No harsh chemicals, artificial scents, ingredients or preservatives are ever used.

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Black Bow sweets

An artisan confectionary specializing in locally sourced California candied nuts that are handmade and delightfully irresistible!

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BOU recreates timeless kitchen staples by packing better for you ingredients into easy to use cubes. Their range of better for you Bouillon & Gravy Cubes are convenient and hassle-free, while never sacrificing on flavor or quality.

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Boucléme understands the needs of curly hair and the difficulties managing it on a daily basis. Their products are packed with high performance actives that restore moisture and life to dry lacklustre hair. Their simple 3 step system cleanse, condition, define will give you beautiful, shiny and frizz free curls. As nature intended.

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The Buttermilk Company

The Buttermilk Company is a direct-to-consumer business that turns authentic recipes from different cuisines into easy-to-make packets -- just add hot water! Their products are made from real, fresh ingredients, are all vegan, non-GMO and don't contain preservatives.

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Cannuka is the unique combination of cannabis and Manuka honey. CBD (derived from hemp), is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that protect the skin. Manuka honey originates from the Manuka bush in New Zealand, which is part of the Tea Tree family. Manuka honey is world renowned for its vast healing properties. Cannuka’s two natural ingredients connect nature and science to bring together beauty and health.

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CLE is a team of artists, designers, and professionals dedicated to the belief that true beauty lies in embracing your natural self. CLE Cosmetics is a minimalist lifestyle brand designed to support the contemporary woman with self-care basics as she pursues the fullest expression of her personal power and sensuality.

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The perfect cold brewed cup of coffee - at home. We source, roast, & blend our beans for optimal cold (slow) brew extraction – creating a well-rounded, smooth, low acidic, full bodied flavor.

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Cordial Organics

Small batch, handcrafted beauty and wellness products powered by the benefits of CBD. All natural, sustainable, holistic plant therapy.

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Daiya makes dairy-free eating a joy. Daiya offers plant-based alternatives for people who suffer from allergies, are dairy-intolerant, living vegan or choosing a healthier lifestyle.

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Dear Dahlia

DEAR DAHLIA is a vegan-friendly, cruelty free beauty brand. Their luxe, multi-functional products made from clean beauty ingredients offer highly pigmented shades, intense hydration and exceptional coverage.

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The unique EcoBrow formula blends and diffuses easily into the brow hair, and contains silica for oil absorption as well as nourishing Vitamin E. The intensity of each shade can be controlled easily with the application — you can go as light or dark as you’d like.

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The perfect synergy of science and nature, Elyptol harnesses nature’s strengths to create skincare and hard surface hygiene products that effectively kill more of the bacteria, germs and fungi that can be harmful to your health. Kill up to 99.9999% of harmful germs while moisturizing and nurturing your skin with 100% natural ingredients.

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esteemed tea collective

Esteemed Tea Company sources premium and limited oolong teas straight from the farms in Taiwan and introduces the Oolong Teas to the consumers in the US.

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Étymologie is a scientific natural skincare line whose mission is to create effective, ethical and empowering products that visibly improve skin health overtime, without irritation.

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Fytt is inspired by the word “fit,” which can be summarized by “in good health." Fytt’s goal is to activate your skin fitness. They believe in feeding your skin nutrients. The products are designed with your lifestyle in mind, making it easy to incorporate nourishing, healthy habits into your skincare routine, while maintaining a holistic approach to your wellbeing. Their philosophy is simple: offer wellness-minded, active individuals healthy skincare products to complement their lifestyles.The fytt | | Instagram



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the grapeseed company

The Grapeseed Company creates botanical beauty from the by-products of wine. Since 2004, it has been taking vintners' "trash" and giving it new life in natural, antioxidant-rich skin, body, and hair care products. The Grapeseed Company distributes to retailers around the globe, and has storefronts in Santa Barbara and Carpinteria, California, where customers can shop the extensive line, and create their own bespoke products at the scent bar.

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Gro Strategies

GRO works with lifestyle-focused consumer businesses to develop innovative strategies that drive breakthrough growth.

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Humbly Hemp

Founded by a small group of dentists from different parts of the world, The Humble Co. develops reliable health/wellness products, that are eco-friendly and socially responsible. Today, The Humble Co. is planning a range of wellness products to build on consumers’ trust and loyalty to the brand and each product will improve the lives of the consumers and of those in need.

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 Lifeway Foods, Inc. (LWAY), has been recognized as one of Forbes’ Best Small Companies, is America’s
leading supplier of the probiotic, fermented beverage known as kefir. In addition to its line of drinkable kefir, the company also produces cupped kefir and cheese, frozen kefir, specialty cheeses, probiotic  supplements and a ProBugs line for kids. Lifeway’s tart and tangy cultured dairy and non-dairy products are now sold across North America, Ireland and the United Kingdom. 

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LIFE ELements

Life Elements are the makers of natural, handcrafted, cruelty free body care that include vegan & EWG Verified™ collections. 

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lyfe fuel

Paving the way for plant-based, personalized nutrition LYFE FUEL is positioned to lead the charge for the future of wellness by empowering people to take control of their health through responsibly-made supplements and a technology platform that puts a personal chef, personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, meditation guru, and more all in the palm of your hand.

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MALK Organics nut milks are dairy-, soy-, gluten-, GMO- and lactose-free and vegan friendly. No carrageenan. No binders. No colors or sweeteners Mother Nature wouldn’t recognize. Made with six ingredients or less, and more than one cup of sprouted organic nuts in every bottle, Cold-pressed with the latest technology to retain all the nutrients without losing any of the flavor. Get real with MALK Organics. The delicious alternative to artificial.

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Navitas Organics

Using the most health-boosting plants in the world, they promise all Navitas Organics superfoods are organic, nutrient-dense and handled with care at every step. Made from the most potent part of the plants, they are carefully handled to bring you the purest and most effective benefits of these centuries-old heritage foods, in ways that make them easy to incorporate into your every day.

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One Culture Foods

One Culture Foods makes boldly flavored, natural, Asian-inspired foods that provide convenient culinary delivery.

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owa haircare

OWA Haircare provides high quality, sustainable, and innovative haircare solutions for Planet Earth and beyond. Unlike any other products to exist, OWA Haircare develops powders to replace liquid products that are made up of mostly water.

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The perfect granola

The Perfect Granola is creating a better world through food and love. They make delicious gluten-free, soy free, and dairy free granolas and granola bars and share their profits with homeless shelters, outreach centers, and Food Banks and hire at-risk youth giving them the skills needed to break the poverty cycle that fuels hunger.

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plus cbd oil

CV Sciences, Inc. is in the business of developing, producing, marketing and selling raw materials and end-consumer products containing the hemp plant extract, cannabidiol (CBD). They primarily focus on developing consumer products under their own PlusCBD Oil™ brand, and sell to numerous markets including the nutraceutical, beauty care, and functional food sectors. They are committed to pioneering the emerging global trend to re-energize the production of agricultural hemp as the world’s leading producer of quality full spectrum hemp extracts.!

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Rude Cosmetics

Founded in 2016 in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, RUDE Cosmetics was born to offer cutting edge, high quality cosmetics at a comfortable price.

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Skinvolve is a unisex skincare brand founded by three sisters, Christine, Lena and Andrea who set out to create products that energize and promote skin immunity. They combine powerhouse ingredients like caffeine and super-antioxidants to reveal healthy and toned skin.

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Stacked skincare

Stacked Skincare's line is based on the breakthrough technique of combining or “stacking” professional-grade treatments to drive actives deeper into the skin. Their formulations and raw ingredients are made in small batches to ensure quality and efficacy. Specializing in potent serums, effective yet gentle peels, and cutting-edge tools, their stacks improve multiple skin concerns at once for healthier, brighter, happier skin.

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Sweat cosmetics

Sweat creates high endurance beauty equipment for everyday active women. Developed and tested by professional athletes, their products are formulated to go any distance. They design products that outperform, while empowering women to do the same.

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tia lupita

Tia Lupita® is a small batch hot sauce and salsa verde, handcrafted with simple ingredients sourced from local growers. Tia Lupita® products are all natural, non-GMO and they take pride in using family recipes only. They want to become a refreshed and better for you option of Mexican origin products.

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Founded in Orange County, CA in 2012, Tosi is a science-based, lifestyle-driven Wellness System, made up of nutrient-dense snacks and supplements that are the result of 19 years of research, development and experience in creating consumer-centric products that meet the growing demand. Tosi’s products are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, ultra-low glycemic ... and they taste great.

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type: a

When type: A set out to raise the bar on 'natural' deodorants they paid attention to every detail, never settling for mediocre product performance. By making safe, high-performance deodorant that people love to wear, type:A brands is on a mission to help people lead healthier lives without sacrifice and to help bring clean beauty to the mainstream.

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Uliv Skincare

Uliv Skincare introduces their Golden Season with 3 new products that breathe new life and youth into aging, sensitive, and compromised skin; creating a radiant, golden glow.

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100% Clean Skincare empowering women through glowing skin and education. 1% of all sales donated to furthering women's education in impoverished communities within the United States.

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Vermont village

Vermont Village's sipping vinegars are crafted so taking your daily dose of apple cider vinegar is more convenient and delicious.  Take a shot straight, mix it into sparkling water or spike your water bottle.  They’ve taken the hassle of mixing it out of the equation, and not only that but the ingredients are wholesome, healthy and taste great.  Sip it.  Shoot it.  Mix it.

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VOESH New York was established with 2 words in mind. "Clean & Hygienic". They are the creator of single-use spa and facial simplified.

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Youth Kulture Beauty

Youth Kulture Beauty is a minimalist skincare line developed to enhance your natural beauty using simple, natural formulas. Our goal is to deliver uncomplicated skincare that gets back to basics.

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ZSS is an integrated skin care line with dietary supplements and topical products formulated to address the root cause of many skin care concerns. Based on the proprietary antioxidant, zeaxanthin, ZSS' products create healthy, radiant, clear skin from the inside out.

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